2019 || A 2D Game engine made in Java and Processing3 for my game design degree at the University of Salford. It is a basic engine that is specialised in producing bullet hell games, featuring pre-programmed static bullet patterns, random bullet patterns, an enemy system, collisions with bounding boxes and bullets, basic screen switching, and other features. This was one of the most useful projects I completed in my second year, as it taught me a lot about development from the ground up rather than just jumping to a library or someone else's project. As this was my first jump into engine building, it is highly unoptimised (especially for a bullet hell engine) and is not recommended for deployment of comercially viable games, even though it's techically possible to do so. This project contains copyrighted assets that are only intended for private and demonstrative use; credits are found here.


2018 Onwards || Immortal Star Streaker is an ongoing multimedia project incorperating several different sub-projects all authoured by myself. Each sub-project has its own goal and purpose, but each one has the same fundamental rules due to being in the same universe. This also means that I can cross over sub-projects as I wish. Currently the most active project is "Paradox of Space", a webseries which is predominantly a static web comic, but also intends to make full use of its position online, including animations and possibly videos.


2017 || A2 final exam animation piece. This piece was looking into public perception of mental health, and how people often through misunderstanding or ignorance treat it as lower than physical health. I used a physical injury and had a character treat it the same way said people would treat a mental illness, to show a comparison between the two. This is also the first time I have used a voice track in an animation, and the first time I have used lip syncing. Also features basic character designs and backgrounds, although this is not the main focus of the animation. As of now, the longest animation I have made on my own nearing 3 minutes.
2017 || A2 component 1 final outcome. Experiment with After Effects and how music can be used with animation. Features music from Hommarju. Main point of this piece is seeing how using animation in time with music can enhance both of them simultaniously, and make a piece much more engaging. Because of this there are a lot of changes of pace to go along with the music's speed, as well as the use of audio spectrums to literally represent music in a visual form.
2016 || AS component 2 final outcome. One of the first full length animations I made with some form of narrative, and was delibarately short so I could get used to creating narratvie focused pieces. Some of the animation is clunky and there's a fair few animation errors, but creating it was a very useful learning experience. Also caused me to experiment with how to draw backgrounds and fully designing a character. Along with digital collages made for component 1, this piece gave me an A with full marks.

Web Design

2018 || A more elaborate start page that features several animations, including a fake audio spectrum and rain. It is heavily influenced by cyberpunk and neon-like aesthetics, which impacted the use of colour and overall mood. This startpage is heavier on resources than my others, but as it is intended to be stored locally this is not a major concern.
2017 || A portfolio website commissioned by a friend of mine, design done by myself and assets/writing done by him. The portfolio itself is connected via tumblr as this was the easiest way for the client to submit new portfolio pieces, and allows him to share pieces back to his personal blog. Posts are tiled and responsive, so they react to window size changes. Portfolio also features a "top" page, where posts are categorised by top 10, 15, and 20.
2017 || Simple featuring a searchbar, countdown and weather. Favourable because the amount of links can be changed up easily without disrupting everything else. It also reminds me to stop being lazy.
2017 || Carousel start page made when I was going through a bitmap font phase. Very compact but still manages to fit a clock, date, weather, countdown and a (broken as of 04/05) rss feed. Somehow managed to get the countdown and clock out of sync, and I'm still not sure how.
2017 Onwards || You're here. Website built from scratch on html, js, and jquery. Undergone a whole bunch of revisions, and the old ones are not kept since the code makes me wince. PHP free since 2016.
2017 || "Material design" attempt, featuring japanese text that I couldn't read at the time, notes, weather, countdown, and searchbar. I felt this was a bit too overblown, and was not one of my favourites.
2016 || Rotating links start page, and the first one to have a search bar that can search google and onto several different websites using a prefix. Also has a countdown and a greeting. One of my favourites and I intend to clean it up and update it in the future with better rotation code.
2016 || The CSS animations experiment. Box animations done only in CSS, and also features editable and saveable notes. Whilst the boxes do look very nice, it was not very practical to edit as it was very finicky with the amount of links used, and a box could only fit 4 links. Optimised for firefox, chrome makes the images offset slightly.