It's /him/ again.
Quinn & Flynn is a mature queer visual novel, telling the heated and convoluted story of the love triangle between Quinn, an obsessive police detective, Elias, Quinn's direct superior, and Flynn, a poet with a very talented tongue, caught in a criminal case that spirals rapidly out of hand.
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Our story starts with Quinn, a detective embroiled in the case of a serial thief to the point of manic obsession. This is only sidetracked by his romantic flings with Flynn, finding every moment of his life not committed to catching a criminal, instead to pursuing a poet. But, the case spirals rapidly out of his hands, leading to ramifications for his lover, his ex, the precinct, and possibly the entire capital.
Three POVs
Between chapters, we alternate between all three perspectives of Quinn, Elias, and Flynn. Each bringing their own twists to the how, when, and why they love to hate each other so much.
Non-Blocking Choices
In Quinn & Flynn, you always have the option to click through dialogue choices. If you don't like any options presented to you in a conversation, you can always choose to say nothing at all. In fact, holding back might present more opportunities.
Four Pairings
Resolve the world's worst love triangle with one of four possible pairings for the eternally-frazzled detective. The fate of the capital, however, seems to have a sole destiny no matter where your passions lie.

Quinn & Flynn is a mature visual novel that features scenes and depiction of police brutality and sexual violence. It's not a game intended for minors.
Out December 13th, 2023
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